Featured Faculty
Peter graduated from the University of Durham (England’s third university after Oxford and Cambridge) before obtaining his doctorate in education from the University of Derby (UK) and becoming a Cambridge certified English teacher (CELTA). Peter consults university leaders internationally on matters of ELT and collaboration, and his work has been recognized by ministries and departments of education in different countries. In 2018 he became the youngest ever Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK). Peter’s interests include action research, international collaboration and TESOL methodology.
Program Director and Founding Head, Department of Translation and Language Communication
Dr Peter J Mitchell
Elena holds a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from the University of Oxford (UK), combined with extensive practical experience in international higher education, academic English writing and translation. Elena’s wider professional interests include English language education and research.
Deputy Program Director and Senior Lecturer
Elena Karageorgii
Lea Colner
Guest Lecturer
Lea is the principal of the Vittra Rösjötorp International School in Sweden. She has taught learners from preschool to Grade 6, and has worked as a senior teacher and school principal. Lea is an active leader in international education, having led European teacher exchange projects, and organizing, chairing and presenting at different international conferences.
Dr Elena Drugova
Associate Professor and Head, Research Institute of Advanced Learning Technologies
Elena holds a Master of Education degree in Leadership and Policy at Monash University (Australia). She has experience in implementing large-scale educational projects at all stages, from preschool to secondary education. She has considerable experience in international projects, analysis and research. Elena’s interests include learning design and educational research.
Dr Aleksandra Dusheiko
Associate Professor
Aleksandra holds a Master’s degree and PhD in Linguistics from Tomsk State University. She has many years’ experience teaching English and ESP to students from a variety of backgrounds. She also has expertise in personal branding and marketing. Aleksandra’s interests include TESOL methodology, personal branding, and linguistics.
Dr Yury Lirmak
Associate Professor
Yury has lengthy experience in education management, entrepreneurship, and ELT. He has been a dean, educational entrepreneur and language school director, and co-created the online learning platform ‘The English Patient’. Yury’s interests focus on entrepreneurship, commercialization of education, and technology in ELT.
Daria Maslova
Senior Lecturer and Director of the MOOC Production & Support Center, Institute of Distance Education
Daria holds a Master’s degree in Digital Humanities and Education from TSU. She has also studied International Marketing at Fontys University (Netherlands) and Education at Sussex University (UK). Since 2018, Daria has managed online learning at TSU and organized programs on the digitalization of education for teachers at a wide range of universities.
Dr Lucy Mitchell
Associate Professor
Lucy has lengthy experience in teaching General English, English for Academic Purposes and English for Professional Purposes. She has taught students from a variety of countries at all levels, and tutored learners ranging from children to senior professionals. Lucy’s interests focus on TESOL methodology, ESP and EAP.
Prof Olga Nagel
Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages
Olga is dean of TSU’s Faculty of Foreign Languages. She holds PhD and DSc degrees in Linguistics, and has many years’ experience leading research teams and teaching English and linguistics to students from a range of countries. Olga’s interests include Second Language Acquisition, Natural Language Processing and research methods.
Will Nash
Senior Lecturer, Academic Director for Training and Development at the University of Sheffield’s ELT Centre
Will has worked in Further, Higher and Adult Education in the United Kingdom and internationally for over 20 years as a teacher, teacher trainer and manager. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Will’s interests include teacher training and development, teaching in university contexts and TESOL methodology.
Dr Mikhail Shevchenko
Associate Professor
Mikhail graduated from Tomsk State University’s PhD program after training as a military interpreter and working for the United Nations in Western Sahara. He has extensive practical experience in ELT and ESP, and has worked with students from a range of countries. Mikhail’s interests focus on educational leadership, TESOL methodology and ESP.
Andrei Shilnov
Senior Lecturer
Andrei holds a Master of Education degree in TESOL from the University of Adelaide (Australia). He has extensive experience teaching a variety of theoretical and practical subjects in ELT and linguistics to students from around the world, as well as tutoring a range of learners of various ages and levels. Andrei’s interests include English language testing and curriculum design in ELT.
Prof Pavel V Sysoyev
Guest Professor
Pavel is founding director of the Foreign Language Multicultural Education Research Laboratory and a professor at Derzhavin Tambov State University and Moscow Pedagogical State University. He holds a Master’s degree in TESOL from Pennsylvania State University (USA), a PhD from Moscow State University, and was a postdoc at Iowa State University (USA). Pavel’s interests focus on ICT in TEFL, and CLIL.
Vladimir Vozdvizhenskiy
Senior Lecturer
Vladimir holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics and is a Cambridge certified English teacher (CELTA). He has many years’ experience teaching ESP, assessment and translation to students from a range of countries, and tutoring diverse learners. Vladimir’s interests include TESOL methodology, ESP and EAP, and English language assessment.
Dr Denis Samburskiy
Visiting Associate Professor
Denis holds a Master’s degree in TESOL and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the State University of New York at Albany (USA). He has extensive ELT experience with a special concentration on grammar, academic writing and academic speaking. Denis’s interests include ESL teaching and learning, second language writing, figurative language, and corpus linguistics. He is currently Associate Teaching Professor at Syracuse University (USA).

Boost your English-teaching career

The program is designed for those who want to build a career in English language Teaching (ELT), whether your goal is to work in universities and colleges, language schools, primary and secondary schools, or edtech. You will graduate with internationally recognized master's degree in linguistics (English Language Teaching leadership) from Tomsk State University.
Requirements for admissions
• Bachelor's degree
Personal Statement
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15th October, 2022
Second wave deadline
15th May, 2022
Start of the program
1st November, 2022
Cohorts and deadlines
First wave deadline
Program length
24 months
You should be write it in English and explain your motivation for applying to the Global Master’s in ELT Leadership.

You should address the following topics:
Why you are applying to this program
Any relevant experience (e.g. in teaching, education, etc.)
What particular aspects of the program interest you
What you hope to gain from the program
Any relevant work that you plan to do during the program
Your professional plans for the future after you graduate from the program

700 words maximum
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The Faculty of Foreign Languages at Tomsk State University was founded in 1995 and has established a reputation as a leader in educating future teachers, translators and linguists. The Department of Translation and Language Communication was established by Dr Peter J Mitchell in 2019 to prepare specialists in education, communication and innovation.
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